Three Reasons Why Zune Could Beat The Ipod

There is lots of hype around the release of the Zune player. Microsoft claims that their portable media device is a real iPod killer. But the truth may not be that smooth. There are three reasons even though that makes us accept as true with that the Zune can prevail. Two of them are already introduced but the third one is greater on our desire listing for now.

Wi-fi connectivity
With the introduction of the zune in November, Microsoft brings the portable media gamers on new grounds. The Wi-fi function will enable customers to socialize inside their music universe. The social web as took all the attention at the net within the closing year or so. With the Zune, a part of that fashion becomes “transportable”. Exchanging a song or a video might also appearance dull however doing it with the Zune and at the rate of a Wi-fi community will be very appealing for young people. On a negative notice, the drm feature (Digital Rights Management) should subsequently generate frustration among Zune customers.

Integrated Marketplace
The subscription base Zune Marketplace can be a actual skyrocket characteristic. Being able to access an online database of recent music while not having to down load it first in your laptop will make the Zune a actual and primary “portable media tool”. The other essential issue of the Zune Marketplace is the ability to download as many songs as you need for a flat charge. If we can access the Zune Marketplace through a public wi-fi network it will likely be a actual generation and tune orgasm!

VoIp Phone
This characteristic as now not been announced through Microsoft (but!) but it would be like a cherry on a sundae to have it. Imagine if your Wi-fi transportable tool may want to connect via net to access a VoIp community. This characteristic ought to not be very tough to increase due to the fact maximum of the specified hardware is already there (except the microphone). A VoIp smartphone would be lots easier to launch as compared to a actual cellular telephone which calls for plenty greater integration paintings and approvals.

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