How To Secure Your Wireless Network

People have greater flexible time because of wi-fi network. Thanks to the discovery of wireless. People can now do business from home whilst looking after their kids or doing house works. No extra stress from site visitors jam anymore. Is this exquisite?

Well, there is something you ought to realize. Working from domestic whilst using a wireless local vicinity network (WLAN) might also cause robbery of sensitive data and hacker or virus infiltration except right measures are taken. As WLANs send information over radio waves, someone with a receiver on your location may be selecting up the transmission, consequently gaining access to your computer. They may want to load viruses on in your computer which may be transferred to the corporation’s community while you pass lower back to work.

Believe it or no longer! Up to 75 according to cent of WLAN users do now not have preferred security features mounted, while 20 according to cent are left absolutely open as default configurations are not secured, however made for the users to have their community up and jogging ASAP. It is recommended that wi-fi router/access point setup be usually achieved even though a wired client.

You can setup your safety by comply with these steps:

1. Change default administrative password on wireless router/get entry to point to a secured password.

2. Enable as a minimum 128-bit WEP encryption on each card and get entry to factor. Change your WEP keys periodically. If device does no longer support at the least 128-bit WEP encryption, bear in mind replacing it. Although there are security troubles with WEP, it represents minimal level of security, and it ought to be enabled.

3. Change the default SSID to your router/get right of entry to factor to a hard to guess call. Setup your pc device to hook up with this SSID with the aid of default.

Four. Setup router/get admission to factor no longer to broadcast the SSID. The identical SSID wishes to be setup at the purchaser side manually. This feature won’t be to be had on all gadget.

Five. Block nameless Internet requests or pings. On each laptop having wireless community card, network connection houses should be configured to allow connection to Access Point Networks Only. Computer to Computer (peer to peer) Connection ought to no longer be allowed.

Enable MAC filtering. Deny affiliation to wireless community for unspecified MAC addresses. Mac or Physical addresses are to be had thru your pc device network connection setup and they’re bodily written on community cards. When including new wi-fi playing cards / computer to the network, their MAC addresses must be registered with the router /get entry to point. Network router should have firewall functions enabled and demilitarized sector (DMZ) function disabled.

All computers should have a properly configured personal firewall similarly to a hardware firewall. You have to also replace router/get entry to point firmware while new variations turn out to be to be had. Locating router/get admission to factor far from strangers is likewise helpful in order that they can’t reset the router/access point to default settings. You can even try to locate router/get entry to factor in the middle of the building instead of near home windows to restriction signal coverage outdoor the constructing.

There is not any assure of a complete protection of your wireless community, however following those suggested guidelines can virtually reduce your hazard of revealing to attackers aiming at insecure networks.

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