A General Look at Alchemy Part three

The Philosopher’s Stone

The Philosopher’s Stone is a catalyst that transmutes an item to its maximum expression. With the application of the Stone, as an instance, base metals are transformed into gold; men are changed into gods. The stone is a high considered necessary in Alchemy and Hermeticism, without it the country of regeneration and resurrection aren’t attained.

Legends of mystical stones are to be observed in numerous cultures; as an instance, taoists refer their stone because the "Stone of Wisdom." The Burmese referred to as theirs "the Stone of Live Metal."Muslims venerate a stone that lies reposed inside the kaaba. This stone is said to be a fragment of a meteorite. It is traditionally believed to be white in hue however due to the sins of guys, it turned black. There is a stone referred to as "Cintamani" said to be a country jewel of the paranormal and legendary metropolis of Shamballa. Shamballa is assumed to exist inside the etheric aircraft above the Gobi desert. Esoterically talking, "Cintamani," or the "love-jewel," represents the best expression of the anahata, or coronary heart chakra, the enlightened thoughts, or bodicitta. When a seeker is advised to acquire Cintamani, the unfoldment of the heart chakra is supposed. This has its parallel with the Grail Quest in that, microcosmically speakme, a religious principle inside man is the item of the quest. This is further supported by way of the tradition that King Solomon’s temple was constructed without the sound of gear. A certain stone known as "shamir" changed into used to fashion the Temple. Esoterists recognize that the Temple refers to the causal body, the vessel garb the Monad, the Spirit of Man. The Temple, or the causal body is built with the shimmering stone of virtues, appropriate works, and an enlightened thoughts. These are nourishment that beautifies the Temple.

Perfect Love is sincerely a catalyst. Its strength transforms human expression into that of the divine. Love is an element of the buddhic element within man; alchemically speakme, it’s far described as the gluten of the White Eagle.

From the above it may be collected that the Philosopher’s Stone isn’t any stone in an regular sense. This is stressed repeatedly with the aid of alchemists of their writings. They claim that the Stone is constituted of the First Matter, and is composite of the 4 elements. The Stone is thought to be hidden within man. Powers of the Godhead are ascribed to this gorgeous Stone. Its look, so say the alchemists, is unsightly to take a look at, is to be determined in dust, and is valueless to most of the people of fellows. Since there are numerous classes of alchemy, it’s miles possibly that the Stone differs at each alchemical stage, taking over a distinct feature and nature.

Aside from Love, other factors of God, of Omneity, may be said to be the Stone, inclusive of Supreme Reason, Wisdom, Power and Light. These characteristics all have the capability to purify and illumine frame, thoughts, and soul. To collect the Stone is to discover Truth, Reality, and the Absolute, the "fixed," the non-combination–and that is the Magnum Opus–to revel in and to recognise Reality veiled by the "adversary," "deceiver," "opposer," or "maya." It is the sublimest paintings any individual can do.It fulfills the old adage: "Man, understand thyself." The Stone derives its energy from the highest aspect of man, from his divine Self which is essentially a spark of God.

Christ is every so often defined as a stone–a corner stone this is also at the same time its height–which architecturally, describes a pyramidal structure; within the above sense, Christ, Light, Life, and Love are synonymous, for all of them partake the nature of the Stone; they all have the capacity to transmute man’s being. Christ Consciousness is the Stone that transmutes man holistically.

The heart of the crown chakra, and the heart chakra anchored to the thymus gland, are web sites in which the stone unfolds its energy. Within the crown, the sahasrara chakra, the Christ Stone magnetizes the head facilities and crystallizes within the brain ventricles, ensuing within the manifestation of hormones and nectars of a non secular exceptional that flows into the blood move and raising the vibratory fee of the frame’s atomic-structure. This converted blood is the saving blood of Christ.

There is a divine flame of lifestyles, anchored within the heart. When nourished by way of the mystic Stone, by way of the Love–Life–Light precept, it radiates strength and magnetism to the encompassing vicinity–to the thymus gland, to the pericardiac sac and fluid, and to the heart itself. It regenerates the blood cells as the blood move circulates thru the coronary heart and lungs resulting in teenagers, energy and radiant health. Hindu yogis declare that folks who do no longer love, develop antique speedy. In the light of the above, the "how" and "why" are without difficulty discerned.

There are occultists who accept as true with that the Philosopher’s Stone represents a certain gnosis transmitted to worthy aspirants with the aid of Adepts of the Art. This Stone, then, worries doctrines of mystical/occult standards that permits one to achieve perfection in a single life time. Initiation and ritual play a essential role on this transmission. By making use of esoteric ideas, the aspirant is converted into a grasp soul. An Adept is in a feel the Philosopher’s Stone, for his very presence transmutes all who’re lucky sufficient to come back into contact with him.

The First Matter

Nothing comes from nothing, consequently, remember and lifestyles must have had a source. The Absolute is that supply; it is the Supreme Reality, and it is continuously emanating and absorbing lower back into Itself the energies and intelligences that take place universes into lifestyles. Out of the Absolute, there may be an effluence of Prakriti and Purusha–Cosmic Root Substance and Cosmic Mind-Consciousness-Intelligence. These two principles are personified by way of Shiva and Shakti.

Cosmic Root Substance is the Prima Materia, the First Matter, or "Chaos," from which all factors and substance proceed. It is spirit electricity unstructured as but into debris of depend by means of the Cosmic Mind. Hindu mystics on occasion name First Matter "Akasha," which means "Space."

Cosmic Mind creates by offering a shape, a thought-form, a blue-print of the supposed manifestation, and coalescing around it the required substance from Prima Materia. First, the fluidic energies are focused into electrons, protons, and other subatomic debris; they’re later blended to shape an atom, which possesses the germ of "the Seed," the atomic quantity and shape of the blue-print and thoughtform of what it’s going to ultimately end up. Atoms are then grouped to molecules which might be later fashioned into a mass cognizable by using the senses. The substance then fills the shape-image, the "husk" of the Seed.

The mind of Man, being a part of the Cosmic Mind, has the ability of creating in a comparable way as the Supreme Creator. Only when Man surely displays the image of his creator will he accept authority to achieve this.

Alchemists declare that the First Matter is to be located within Man. Actually, our entire universe is permeated with it. It is anywhere present however no in which manifested till magnetized with the aid of the Mind.

Differentiation among Matter and Consciousness is only an illusion current at the surface of Reality. The Many in its relative life can be decreased to 1–the Absolute, the Supreme Being. Qabalistically talking, The culmination of the Tree of Life are absorbed into Ain Sof and Ain Sof Aur; those are reduced of their essence to Ain, the One, the All, the Unknowable.

The Seed

In a figurative experience, the alchemical seed, similar to an everyday seed, possesses both germ and husk–the male and woman traits. As implemented to alchemy, the germ is the atomic wide variety and the "DNA" of the substance, at the same time as the husk is the shape that the substance could fill. Thoughtforms are seeds. They are blue-prints that show up within the bodily aircraft while magnetized and substantialized with the First Matter.

Alchemical Seeds are archetypes–the essences or germs of manifestations, and that that is inside the manner of being manifested. Everything has a seed, a thought of what a component is destined to be. Mind, the Director, the Philosopher’s Stone, nourishes Seeds with Prima Materia.

The following are the probably steps used by medieval alchemists for a transmutation at the bodily level: first, the base steel is molten down–the warmth of the flame has a remodeling effect at the molecular stage. Secondly, at a positive point of the operation, the thoughts of guy comes into play, controlling and directing at atomic and subatomic degrees–converting the vibratory fee, the atomic variety and shape into gold. It is said that to make gold we have to have gold. This does not talk to the including to base metals a bit of gold. This seed of gold, is a seed within the form of an electronic pattern or blueprint of gold held in a single’s higher consciousness. The thoughts must be in a gold-attention state.

On a transcendental degree, to transmute oneself into a god, one could require a god-pattern, a god-perfect visualized and meditated upon. Once the photo is perfected one assumes or identifies oneself with it, keeping it constantly in thoughts even after the meditation session. This would result in an extended vibratory charge of the numerous concepts composing Man. Technically, the thoughts of Man synchornizes with the god-archetype, and by way of magnetic induction, is converted into the god. Visualization, or mental imaging, is the method used with which the archetype is mounted. Precipitation may occur instantly, as in a paranormal manifestation, or after a lapse of time relying on the character and value of the archetype.

The approaches described above look like one of the tremendous Hermetic secrets of the Egyptian Mysteries. The strategies correspond with the practices of Vajrayana in Tibetan Buddhism, as as an instance, the subject of the "divine pride" of being a Buddha.

Ethically talking, before man tries to put the forces of nature into movement, it’s far expedient that he contemplates as to the worthiness of his designs. If his designs do now not healthy nor satisfy divine requirements, then bringing them into manifestation might surely be a contravention of Cosmic law, and consequently, may be regarded as an operation of black magick. According to Martinism, it’s miles this very violation of the Law that added about "the Fall" of Adam Kadmon.


According to alchemists, Mercury, Salt and Sulphur are the three-fold components of all phenomena–to be determined in all compounds of a mineral or organic nature. It is postulated that by differing the proportions of each issue in a compound, could purpose a transmutation to occur. Mercury, in addition to Salt and Sulphur, aren’t the not unusual vulgar materials so used to effect a transmutation. This is made clear through exponents of the Royal Art.

Esoterically, Mercury represents Spirit, Salt–Body; and Sulphur–Soul. Every phenomenon and object in Nature is thought to own those 3 attributes. It is concept that by means of keeping apart every aspect of an combination substance, purifying, after which recombining them, the result would be a complete refinement of the object.

Philosophically speakme, Mercury is the Mind; Salt–Will and Wisdom; Sulphur–Love. The 3 are components or standards of the Philosopher’s Stone, and that they paintings potently to transmute any base metal or individual into golden perfection. Without these standards, the coveted Stone is ineffectual in its potential to change vibratory fees.

Sulphur moulds someone into a balanced person, with the choice and motive to behave creatively; Salt clearly bestows the person with the desire and electricity to behave; at the same time as Mercury, the intellectual precept, is the coordinating component of each Sulphur and Salt. Mercury, Sulphur, and Salt collectively with the mysterious Azoth, the Divine Fire, or "Scamayim," are the attributes of the Stone, and that they paintings wonders when implemented knowledgeably. These triune ideas and Azoth correspond to the Christian Trinity and teh female principle personified via Mary. Azoth is the Shakti component of the triune godhead.

The Seven Metals

Metals inside the international of alchemy and esotericism, in trendy, represents various conditions and concepts to be discovered in Man and Nature. For example, metals may also represent the seven components or our bodies making-up the being referred to as "Man"; the seven exoteric rays from the Great Central Sun; and the seven primary chakras in the subtle frame. The seven metals also correspond to the seven angels presiding over the rays; to the seven archangels, the seven Chohans, the seven pairs of Elohims, and so forth.

Symbolically, the seven metals represent the seven planets regarded to the ancients–counting also the solar and moon, which are not planets proper, however a solar frame and a satellite tv for pc. The correspondences are as follows: gold-Sun, silver-Moon, lead-Saturn, mercury-Mercury, tin-Jupiter, iron-Mars, and copper-Venus.

The proper issue of alchemy is Man–Man is the item of the transmutation. The alchemist is right now the concern and the object, the operator and that which is operated upon. Metals are related to factors of Man’s person. Pure gold is the character of a "perfect" character–it is the manifestation of that perfection already inherent within man’s highest precept.

Within the etheric frame, the chakras are the microcosmic planets. In Gichtel’s "Theosophia Practica," a diagram is shown of a person with the placement of the orbs placed in the frame. This undoubtedly reveals the truth that the chakras had been recognized by Occidental mystics within the beyond centuries and played an vital function in their religious subculture. The seven seals in Revelation is indeed some other "revelation" of this fact.

Compassion is one of the Ego’s maximum feelings for other existence-units who’re struggling within the enterprise of residing. The feel of unity with all existence round is a sign of one’s developing recognition of God. Being "my brother’s keeper" is not a burden to such someone advancing within the spiritual course; it’s miles a dharma or duty that one feels a privilege in obeying–of being real to Self. It changed into because of this kind of experience of duty that religious alchemists embarked upon the look for a Universal Panacea to treatment the ills, struggling, and ache of a fallen humankind.

Pain, ailments, and imbalances can be located in various tiers of the microcosm–the bodily, emotional, intellectual, and so on. The Universal Panacea, in fashionable, can be said, to be concepts and legal guidelines of God that would establish concord and health if carried out.

Physical pain and illness are the end result of a loss of prana, of the lifestyles-pressure, or "Mumia," as Paraclesus called it, into the psycho-organic machine. This interrupted glide is particularly the end result of a psychic condition unleashed by way of negative mind and feelings. When the channels or prana-influx are purified, when the Yin and Yang, the nice and negative polarities inside the frame are properly-balanced, when the 4 elements dwelling inside the frame are in a country of equilibrium, then health should result.

There is a better supply of the existence-essence that is rayed from the Great Central Sun immediately to the Monad and down to the Atma of guy, and this is associated with the flame of life dwelling in the bodily heart. Daily devotions to the flame within and to the "Father who art in heaven," reasons a descent of the essences of lifestyles, of the Atmic fire, into the quaternary vehicles of Egoic expression and consequences in a regeneration of the whole psychobiological system.

A surplus of the existence-force within the frame is radiated-out and forms an aura of safety around the corpus. There are, but, essential terminal factors wherein the life-force waft out in a focused kingdom. The hands are just two of those terminal points. The energy radiated out from these chakras are known as by means of diverse names: Od-force, animal magnetism, nerve power, and so on. Egyptian mystics of bygone days referred to as it "Sa-Ankh."

There is an exciting idea concerning the above precept and the Atmic fire. When concentrating and meditating upon the Atma, the better forces tends to flow extra abundantly, and this energy together with the solar, lunar, and earth prana, while imbued upon a substance, such as water, might cause the fluid to be charged with existence-essences capable of restoring the unwell into wholeness whilst consumed by way of them.

This magnetically charged water may be considered as one of the manifestations of the Elixir of lIfe, the Nectar of the gods, or the Universal Panacea. Tantric icons of deities are once in a while depicted as preserving a vessel of nectar in their fingers. Evidently, a sure regulation and principle are indicated through this mudra. Practitioners of meditation might do well to test protecting of their hands a cup of water at some point of meditation and consuming it directly after the meditation consultation. The end result could be invigorating and vivifying to the psycho-biological machine, reinforcing the crucial forces already present.


Fire is largely divine, emanating because it does from the godhead. "God is a ingesting fire," is a well-known expression to be determined in holy scriptures. Fire purifies and hastens the motion of atomic particles–it will increase their vibration. Fire is a innovative precept, a divine device in Shiva’s hand, reworking and transmuting depend to spirit, and spirit to count number. Heraclitus considered hearth to be the primary principle from whence all matters owe their life; by way of "hearth" he intended the Divine hearth, the "Scamayim" of the Qaballists that is continuously being outpoured by using Ain Sof. The center of this emanation in our sun gadget is the solar. In man, it’s far the Monad. This indicates that all this is, is largely hearth.

Man, the Monad, is a spark of Fire from the Great Central Sun; all of Man’s concepts are fire in lesser manifestation and intensity. A spark of the Monad lies hidden in Man’s heart. Fueling this flame with day by day devotions of Right Action, Right Thought, Right Speech, meditation and prayer, will increase the strength, understanding, and love of the divine nature of Man–this is spiritually represented by way of the threefold nature of the heart-flame, the fleur-de-lis.

Adepts of alchemy endorse their college students to work on the Prima Materia with the Internal and External Fire; this is, the fires of the thoughts, kundalini, Christ substance, sexual strength, prana, and chemical fire. This teaching of grasp minds exhibits that fire manifests in various ways in visible and non-visible worlds. Fire is defined as "an internal activity whose outside manifestation are warmness and mild."

Fire was worshipped in diverse ancient cultures as a manifestation of the Supreme Being. Initiates of the temples invoked the Divine Fire within their beings of their daily rituals of adoration and esoteric sports. Alchemy continues the way of life of honoring the fiery precept, however, adding a new measurement to the rites of worship by way of applying it nearly and scientifically.

Mythologically, Prometheus turned into said to have stolen fire from heaven and given it to primitive guy, to the displeasure of the gods, for humankind become now not but equipped to apply this precept in a innovative, unselfish manner. The secrets of Fire was sooner or later withdrawn, but not completely, for here and there, the sons (initiates) of those gods came of age and were, consequently, entrusted with the mysteries of hearth and had been given the authority to wield the force intelligently, accurately, and compassionately for the benefit of all beings.

In nanotechnology, a technological know-how nonetheless within the theoretical level, miniature machines on the nano scale are hoped to be realized through destiny generations. The hassle confronted by scientist nowadays is the creation of the first nano-system, a "normal assembler," that would create other machines and components composing of selected molecules and which might later be programmed to do special paintings. One of their ideas of growing this nano general-assembler is to create a tiny assembler inside the millimeter scale that would in flip create every other assembler of a smaller measurement, and so on till it reaches the nano scale. This technology when realized, has a huge range of software within the fileds of drugs, ecology, and industry. The capacity for abuse is also inherent. In a experience this toddler technology is related to alchemy, for its development is relevant inside the art of transmutation and precipitation at the bodily degree. Using their very own terminology, it is the fires of the alchemist’s thoughts this is the "conventional assembler."

Fire fascinates and hypnotizes man, nearly bearing him away to better realities, as allegorized by using the myth of Zeus in the shape of an eagle snatching away Ganymede to the heavens. The closer one strategies God’s fiery presence, the more one is cleansed of all karmic sins accommodations and ossifying the 4 lower bodies.

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