A General Look at Alchemy Part 2

Physical Alchemy

Transmutation of 1 substance into every other such as base metals into gold, water into wine, and many others., is the physical aspect of alchemy. It is often referred to as the "Greater Circulation." Much charlatanry and quackery have become worried with this factor and many people have been cheated by means of rascals who claimed that they’d in their possession the Philosopher’s Stone that might effect a transmutation of base metals into gold. Human greed knows no bounds; the bad desires to be rich, the rich ambitions to be wealthier, and with all their efforts, whether a hit or now not, sorrow and struggling is the karmic end result.

Aspirants of the Ancient Wisdom are taught that the sector of shape is transient and that one’s happiness ought to no longer be based upon some thing that is illusory. Illusions do no longer last and they’re not everlasting. They bind guy to a fake sense of human problem. They enslave man to count number through seducing him to indulge in things that hampers the improvement of the soul. Truth and the Real are that that is eternal and they’re to be located inside the "kingdom of God" within us. Unfortunately, maximum Christians overlook this one of the maximum vital injunctions of the Nazarene Master. The historical precepts advises us in addition that the less earthly goals one has, the richer one honestly will become.

The "Lesser Circulation" of the herbal own family is also blanketed in this category of Physical Alchemy. The most important item of this paintings is the look for a widely wide-spread panacea that might cure the ills and sufferings of humanity. This is pretty a noble preference must the profitable thing and profit motive be absent; it would exemplify the Bodhisattva best.

In contemporary instances, there are many of those who’ve claimed to have completed a a success transmutation of their laboratories, even coaching the secrets of the art to their ardent followers.

Biological Alchemy

When alchemists found out that they were advancing in age and had been no toward the intention of bodily transmutation, they sought a way to stall the manner of vintage age, to regenerate the frame, and even to accumulate a degree of physical immortality and biological immunity to diseases that humankind is so inclined.

With such an object in view, they started out their look for an "Elixir of Life" that would lengthen their physical life. At the very onset, the search took them to the sector of herbalism, for lots plant life have been believed to possess the traditional virtues of the fabled "Fountain of Youth." The Hindu mystics characteristic such traits to the "Soma" creeper. The Chinese Taoists declare that a positive mushroom that they name "lung chih" has the distinctive feature of regenerating the physical frame. The Egyptian god Thoth is also said to have defined a life-giving mushroom which conferred immortality.

At a later duration, but, the discovery became made that the real Elixir lied inside guy himself, and it had to be synthetic through psycho-organic manner. Briefly, that is the paintings to be undertaken on the organic stage.

Psychological Alchemy

Psychological, or "Mental Alchemy," is the technological know-how of the development of the Mind. Of the four decrease our bodies, the mental sheath is the most effective one unstructured, as yet, into an prepared frame–that is, in the general public. In the direction of evolution, the mental frame may be constituted and coordinated in order to permit the Ego, and the waking awareness, to function absolutely in the intellectual realm. The "Secret Doctrine" of H.P.Blavatsky tells us that in the Fifth Round the mental body is predicted to be completely advanced. Mental Alchemy hurries up the evolution of the Mind. It permits its practitioner to acquire inside the Fourth Round what Nature intends humankind to gain within the next with her somewhat languid procedure. Mental development includes the development and the refinement of the subsequent talents, characteristics, and faculties:

1) A general attitude and angle

2) Imagination

3) Concentration

4) The ability to motive inductively, deductively, syllogistically, analytically, analogically, and so forth.

Five) Mental quietude

6) Abstract thinking

7) Divine questioning

eight) Mental receptivity

9) Visualization

10) Discrimination (Viveka)

eleven) Detachment (Vairagya)

12) Meditation

thirteen) Mental introduction Etc.

Before quick progress may be made in growing the above schools, the mind must be purged of all the phobias, neurosis, and psychosis which can be infecting it; even the guilts, resentments, and sinful feelings torturing one’s focus. The aspirant is cautioned to forgive–forgive self and forgive others. The steps of conviction, contrition, confession, consecration, and communion have to be adhered to when one dreams religious unfoldment.

One of the alternative steps to be taken is the unification of the male and girl elements of the psyche. Psychoanalysis, however, has simplest touched the outer fringes of the mind with its internal probings.

Mental Alchemy, just like the previous classes, isn’t always considered the remaining purpose of Alchemy. They are however stepping stones main to Transcendental Alchemy. More on Mental Alchemy and the overall legal guidelines governing transmutation can be read inside the Kybalion written by means of anonymous provoke-writers.

Transcendental Alchemy

All matters of their herbal unregenerated kingdom are considered dead via alchemists. Man in his herbal nation is in a state of demise. Master Jesus voiced this principle when he declared, "let the useless bury the useless." Transcendental Alchemy increases Man from the "State of Nature, to a State of Grace." The procedure reunites the sadhaka, the disciple, to the Atma, and later to the Monad in full focus. This is the "unio mystica" sought fervently via mystics of all Ages. When Man unites with the totality of Life, he factually unites himself with God, for Life and God are synonymous.

Unity with "Tao," Lao Tse’s mystic term for the Absolute, outcomes inside the cognizance of one’s actual Identity and Reality. The person who is united with the Absolute is a Jivanmukta, a freed being–free of ignorance, maya, and mortality; human recognition expands and embraces Cosmic Consciousness in this unified kingdom. Figuratively, the Drop returns to the Ocean, and the Spark to the Flame, and Man’s vital divine nature shines forth with the splendour of the Sun. This is the future of Man–to increase into the Kingdom of God and be all that God wants him to be.

There are various systems of religious unfoldment catered to the basically, seven unique temperaments of Man, that leads him to his final goal. Transcendental Alchemy is this kind of chic systems. It is basically yogic in nature. Meditation, concentration, and contemplation are stressed and the work of the previous ranges of transmutation are conducive to its a hit outcome.

Symbols of Alchemy

Since ancient instances symbols were used to describe some thing that phrases have been no longer adequate sufficient to explicit. The intellect has its obstacles in comprehending non secular verities. Intuitively, Man feels that the forces of nature are intelligently directed. How and why, his human mind is not able to give an explanation for. Cosmic principles, although inadequately described verbally with the aid of prophets of God, finds its inculcation upon the human thoughts expressively via symbols and signs and symptoms.

Symbols aren’t restrictive, nor special. Minds interpret symbols according to the level in their mental and spiritual improvement. The toddler-mind interprets a image in one manner, while the transcendental thoughts might interpret it in every other.

Most symbols are taken from Nature; others invented with the aid of Man, usually take on the shape of combined geometric elements. Examples of the previous are: the snake, which symbolizes regeneration; the scarabeaus–immortality; mountains–limitations, and so on. Examples of the latter: the Martinist pentacle–the team spirit of Man and Omneity; the Egyptian ankh–Life and Immortality; the circle–eternity.

Symbols have a sure usefulness in remodeling the thoughts. Whatever man thinks upon, that he will become. By meditating on symbols, or pics representing electricity, love, holiness, and compassion, for example, via intellectual induction guy unfolds such qualities inside his nature.

Personally evolved symbols are every now and then used as media for communicative change among the waking cognizance and the unconscious thoughts. This is effected through ascribing a positive attribute to a, preferably, invented image by using repetitious concept and contemplation upon it. For instance, the waking mind might also ascribe to lightning as a image the that means of hazard by using constant cognizance and inspiration upon it till it is absorbed by using the unconscious mind. At a later date, while real danger is present, an intuitive influence with the lightning image might flash via from the unconscious to the waking mind, accordingly warning the character. This approach is likewise relevant to enrich and increase upon symbolic dream content and to induce the subconscious to make use of the newly absorbed symbols which are non-mystifying to the waking-consciousness.

Alchemy may be very rich in symbolism. The Royal Art itself is once in a while represented via the Pelican and the Phoenix chook. The latter become invented via mystics in Alexandria throughout its heyday; the previous, via a set of Knights Templer within the British Isles.

Alchemical symbols of past a long time have been designed to show, as well as to hide; to stimulate the thoughts to evoke from its highbrow-complacency. Alchemical mandalas describe methods of transmutation. Truths, legal guidelines, and standards, which might be pertinent to an aspirant’s non secular unfoldment, are in addition depicted within mandalas. Such truths were obscured by way of indistinct language and inexplicable diagrams for safety from persecution, due to the fact truths, for some motive, were, and nonetheless are, taken into consideration heretical by means of Christian orthodoxy. In accord with this dire state of affairs, alchemical symbols, as an expedient, took on Christian colour.

Let us examine the subsequent common alchemical symbols:

1) The Hermaphrodite

2) Dragons

3) The Caduceus

The Hermaphrodite

Modern psychology has located that the human psyche possesses both masculine and female traits. The male and female polarities are gift no matter what our organic gender. One polarity within the human psyche is, however, normally repressed to the history in the Id, the subconsciousness, to the detriment of the mental equilibrium and balance of the waking attention.

There are hierarchies of development and transformation of both male and female features evolving inside the psyche. The "lowest" rung of the female hierarchy is the "Harlot," later transfiguring into the "Virgin" of the succeeding rung, and directly to the High Priestess" and the "Empress" of the better stages. The masculine aspect has its transformation from "Barbarian," to "Knight," "Hierophant," and "Emperor."

The Hermaphrodite symbolically represents the ideal anima and animus in symbiotic conjunction; the highest factor of the male and girl qualities in perfect stability and unity inside the psyche. This is the state of unity that every guy and female unconsciously seeks in an outside associate. The look for wholeness have to really take area within. Man’s union with Omneity is preceded via man’s union together with his adjust ego inside his waking cognizance.

Any person with this type of coordinated psyche features balancely and creatively in society. An air of secrecy of holiness enfolds the character; the world is aware of the person as a compassionate, smart, and effective being. He, or she, is the "twice-born."

Esoteric lifestyle teaches that during a future Root Race individuals will be hermaphrodites. Aside from having an androgynous psyche, guy might biologically own two spinal columns with the cerebra-spinal and autonomic apprehensive system functioning in a more in-depth relationship. Individuals who are capable of controlling autonomic features consisting of the heart beat, is a positive indication of in which the biological and physiological aspects of man are evolving.


There are many myths and legends concerning heroes slaying dragons that are to be observed in the mythology of numerous cultures. We pay attention in Greek fantasy of Apollo vanquishing Python; Siegfried, St. George, Krishna, Hermes, and plenty of other heroic figures have additionally had their dragons to slay. There are basically species of dragons to be discovered in alchemical mythos: the celestial, and the terrestrial dragon. The latter dragon is once in a while known as "the pink dragon."

What do dragons represent? Dragons are symbols of raw power in the psycho-organic organism of man. The terrestrial dragon in the microcosm, is the kundalini hearth nesting within the kanda. In the average character, this strength is used especially in sexual gratification and indulgence in sensual sports. Slaying the dragon symbolizes the tapping of this power for better uses of the Ego. The student-hero makes use of the sword, symbolic of the will, to overcome the beast inside, does so with the aid of directing the kundalini fire upwards in the direction of the mind facilities thru the channel referred to as sushumna–stimulating creativity of a better order as a result. Illumination is the consequence of the inner marriage that takes location among the negative kundalini force and the higher tremendous Christic force, symbolised by means of the celestial dragon, in the Holy of Holies of the sanctum inside the skull. In a symbolical feel, the hero is smeared by way of dragon’s blood making him immortal. The resurrected Kundalini is every so often represented with the aid of the Phoenix fowl.

The man or woman who has his kundalini raised permanently and hissing via the Third Eye, is honorably referred to as a "Naga," a Hindu mystic term for "dragon," or "serpent." With the experience of illumination, the Naga realizes the oneness and cohesion of lifestyles. The Naga is understood for his knowledge in his words, movement, and conduct. Master Jesus is presumed to have praised the enlightened Nagas via exhorting his followers to be "as clever as a serpent . . ." Dragons, every so often, constitute the unresolved and repressed energies to be observed within the psyche–the "monsters of the id"–inclusive of phobias, neurosis, guilt emotions, and so forth.

From the geo-terrestrial perspective, dragons represent positive currents of magnetic electricity located in certain elements of the earth’s terrain. They ought to perhaps be referred to as "chakras of the planet." They also correspond to accupressure points inside the body of man. Ley traces are, likewise, associated with geo-terrestrial dragons. The Knights Templers had positive expertise on this regard–they knew the way to decide the locations of magnetically-charged regions. Such hallowed grounds had been selected as sites for cathedrals, chapels, and temples. Dragons are from time to time related to the body, soul, and spirit of Man.

The Caduceus

Mystic professionals, whilst instructing disciples, sometimes undertake coaching gadgets to train their chelas. The Caduceus is one such device. It represents the predominant nadis, or subtle nervous system to be discovered in man’s occult anatomy.

The Caduceus, or body of workers of Mercury, consists of a rod with snakes intertwined around the rod. The rod represents sushumna, an etheric counterpart of the spinal cord. Within the sushumna there are different diffused nerves, channels of refine strength; they are referred to as by way of yogis "Vajrini," "Chitrini," and "Brahman." The sushumna extends upwards and outwards into the Overself because the "Sutratma." Pingala and Ida are the two nadis depicted by using the snakes. The junctions wherein the snakes and rod meet are symbolic of the major chakras. Vagabond yogis from time to time deliver bamboo staffs with seven knots on it to symbolize sushumna and the chakras.

Atop of the caduceus rod is a knob; a vine creeper is sometimes connected to this knot finishing someplace halfway on the body of workers. The protuberance represents the medulla oblongata with the vagus nerve, the creeper, related to it. The vagus nerve ends within the thoracic area. Each of those additives performs an crucial position in guy’s mystic improvement. They serve various non secular capabilities.

Occasionally, a couple of wings are to be determined appended to every aspect of the knob or rod. This suggests that the kundalini strength at the base of the sushumna have been raised and resurrected. Angelic wings symbolize a superior degree of attention and mind.

As an entire, the caduceus symbolizes regeneration and enlightenment. It similarly depicts the attunement of the thoughts of guy with the Cosmic Mind.

In bygone days, in the Mystery Schools, simplest the adepts and those of a higher status have been worth enough to preserve any such symbolic workforce in their hands. Sometimes the caduceus, or variations of it, were magnetized with odic strength and Atmic pressure. The Thyrsus held in the arms of hierophants of the Eleusian Mystery School become one rod with such a divine first-class impregnated into it. It become basically designed to stimulate the kundalini fire of the disciples and initiates when their gurus deemed it necessary and suitable at sure levels in their spiritual boom. The act of impregnating a magical or non secular object with divine impacts is known as "consecration," or "magnetization."

Some occultists interpret the caduceus as representing the Universal Magickal Agent. This magickal force is used abundantly in theurgic and thaumaturgic operations. Egyptian hierophants had been adepts inside the software of this force. The laws and ideas concerned in controlling the agent were transmitted beneath oath of secrecy to seekers of Light. Appolonius, Pythagoras, and Moses are names that come to thoughts while thinking about the show of so-called miracles. These eminent individuals had been all initiates of the Mystery colleges in the Land of Khem.

Nowadays, the Caduceus is an logo hired with the aid of the scientific career. Only in recent years is this department of technological know-how coming across the diffused energies with which this brand is silently pointing.

Themes of Alchemy

Alchemy, no matter what its level of utility, is largely psychic in nature. All of the laboratory tactics described by way of alchemists takes place mainly in guy’s consciousness. Consciousness is the important thing to transmutation. God-Consciousness is the name of the game of the royal Art. Functioning in higher dimensions, the conscious thoughts in unison with better stages of consciousness, creates varieties of perfection in higher geographical regions, in archetypal worlds. The recognition running therein coalesces the necessary electronic debris to result in a manifestation inside the physical international. Consciousness, whilst in the borderline state, without problems reviews and produces psychic manifestations.

The Mind is the author and director of the dynamism and kinetics of subatomic debris. Out of Cosmic Root Substance, or Prima Materia, the Cosmic Mind and Intelligence normal the entire universe. Man, being the reflection of the macrocosm, is able to use the same Mind to take place his designs. Patterns of perfection held continuously in thoughts turns into living archetypes which stimulates its author to work spiritually upon his redemption and salvation from bondage to human mortality. We grow to be what we assume. Thoughts are living strength, and it is the right directing of those thoughts by way of the will that consequences transmutation or precipitation. It is said that mind of a divine nature supply rise to the vibrations of a Master Soul. Thoughts influence us holistically. Our nerve substances, composition of the blood, auric energies and radiations, are all laid low with the kingdom of our thoughts, via the thoughts that we dwell on a each day basis.

Every organism is an embryo of a higher development and expression. Nature is continuously striving to provide perfection. Alchemists accept as true with that it’s miles Man’s prerogative to speed up the processes of nature to fast acquire perfection. This religious labor is conducted inside the laboratory of the soul.
From the Absolute’s point of view, we may also speculate that the whole lot is best, for "everything" does not surely exist–everything is his being. All is God in his omnipresence. God is Immanent and Transcendent. Perfection is a divine first-rate ever gift within Nature and Man. This innate divinity is burdened via non secular authorities. The "understand ye not that ye are gods" precept is emphasized again and again.
From the relative point of view, imperfections are to be seen everywhere. Man’s earthly mission is to transmute this disordered situation, this cacophony of man’s evolving standards by way of attuning with the rhythm of the Cosmos–with the dance of Shiva.

To apprehend the esoteric technology of alchemy, it is vital to elaborate upon the above thru discussing in short the subsequent alchemical themes:

1) The Philosopher’s Stone

2) The First Matter

3) The Seed

4) Mercury–Sulphur–Salt

5) The Seven Metals

6) The Universal Panacea

7) Fire

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